How should a leather bomber jacket fit?

How should a leather bomber jacket fit?

Leather is such a versatile material that is durable as well as stylish that it has gained its individuality in the market with overwhelming response. Discussing specifically leather bomber jacket, stylish, funky, warmer, and cozy with effortlessly captivating appearance. Nothing can compare with the faultless and alluring surface of accurately fitting leather bomber jacket. They come with variety of leather bombers differently tailored for men and women. So here are some crucial tips for you to keep in mind while buying a bomber jacket about how the jacket must fit and how to take exact measurements.

 If you’re trying on a leather jacket, you should better know before buying that the premium leather jackets do not loosen over time or do not get comfortable over time. All you need to pay attention to is the shoulders, the waist and the sleeves.

  • In shoulders, you need to check if the shoulder seam sits just before the curve of the shoulder starts. If the seam looks like it’s too fit and already curved towards your neck, the leather bomber jacket is too small. Go for another size up.  And if the shoulder is hanging wider than your actual shoulder fittings, then the leather jacket is way large, get one size down to that one. Just do not make any negotiations or compromise on the shoulder seam. That’s all what matters the most. And this is one of the most prominent factors in the fittings of a bomber jacket. Neither It must not look like you’re wearing your dad’s jacket nor it should look like you’re wearing a jacket of your younger sibling.
  • For checking the chest fitness, make sure you feel comfortable. The leather bomber jacket must be airy but not too loose. Fasten the zipper, check if it’s too stressed from the sleeves while moving the arm.  Stand straight with relaxed arms and again check the fittings of the jacket. It must have some space for air regulations. Double check the fittings from the sleeves if you have a heavy upper arm, check if you can move your arm effortlessly or not. NO COMPROMISE.   
  • For waist, the fitting must be such that when you zip the bomber jacket up, it should be touching your body and be certain that it doesn’t fit too tightly nor does it look baggy around the waist
  • The length of the sleeve must be exact, starting from the seam where the sleeve joins the shoulder of the leather jacket, the sleeve exactly touch your wrist right above your hand.
  • The length of the leather jacket must exhibit perfection on your body. Normally, jackets are structured for standard sizes such as small, medium and large etc. but if you’re taller or shorter, the standard size may not perfectly fit on your body. It may fit according to your body type in some cases but mostly taller or shorter people face this issue with their leather bomber jacket that it doesn’t fit exactly. The option of custom leather jackets for them would be the most suitable if they don’t want to get their leather ready made garment altered. All you need to do is obtain exact measurements of your upper body in order to attain a jacket that perfectly fits you without making you look odd. Having your leather jacket that is specially crafted for you is a great idea and this facility of getting customized garments helps obviate the risk of size confusion or disappointment. You can also use your old jacket that fits you ideally to get your measurements.
  • The concept of measurements of women and men is almost the same but it does have some difference in details.  For women, they must add one inch more to the measurement of their bust. But for men, there is no need of that.
  • Always keep in mind that if you’ve chosen the perfect desired style in leather bomber jacket, just double check the fittings and measurements to ensure that it appears to be your size and NEVER compromise or make agreement with discomfort in order to obtain the stylish look that you always desired for. A true fashion statement is generated by a restful and effortless walk of the wearer that reflects the coziness of the garment they’re carrying.           

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