How to look after a suede leather jacket

How to look after a suede leather jacket

Suede leather jacket has a fuzzy surface made up of the underside of animal skin. The material has refined finishing and it is most commonly composed of sheepskin. Suede leather jackets are also attainable in other animal skins as well. A suede leather jacket has a softer surface that is supple than a leather rigid surface of jacket. Suede leather jackets are quite expensive for their well-treated material. Suede leather is commonly used in shoes, leather bags, jackets, coats, furniture and other fabrics. Suede is a sensitive material for apparel. It can get dirty real quick. The suede jacket requires a lot more maintenance than a polished surface resilient leather jacket.

Suede is basically derived from the inner side of the animal skin and this material has a thin layer in jacket as compared to tough leather that has a dense layer. So it always crucial to clean the jacket as it gets damaged quite easily. Secondly, regular cleaning is requisite in order to obviate the risk of dust particles settling in the suede. So here are a few life saving tips for you to make your suede leather jacket last longer.  

  • For regular cleaning after a use, gently brush the suede in the direction of the grain. Keep note that the brush isn’t hard, it must have softer strands. To prevent any damages, brush your jacket after regular use. This step will make sure that your suede jacket surface will remain soft. If you’re removing marks of mud or food from the jacket, note that the area has to be air dried first.
  • When you’ve planned not to carry the jacket for long period of time, do not leave it in the wardrobe anyway. Cover the leather jacket up with a plastic sheet or cloth so that it can avoid the direct contact of the jacket with the contaminated air.
  • In order to air dry your jacket, hang it in a ventilated space and not in direct sunlight. The exposure of the jacket with direct sunlight will damage the surface of the suede leather jacket and may change its shade. You must be aware that suede is sensitive than leather. While hanging the jacket, you need to check that the air has to be clean and no dust particles will stick to the suede.
  • Your suede jacket is luxurious and mushy but it cannot be is because, the suede surface is quite porous. Washing the jacket can vandalize the surface. In order to get the jacket thoroughly cleaned, you need to get it dry cleaned professionally.
  • Suede leather material are not water proof or water resistant at all. This is why we suggest not to wash them. Most of the men who love to adorn suede surfaced coats and jackets face this limitation of being unable to use this high class jacket in pouring rain. Water exposure to the mens suede jacket can cause discoloration, shrinkage and loss of shape.
  • Instead of washing the jacket, you may use a damped clean cloth to cleanse the surface. Make sure you don’t rub too hard and also keep in mind that the suede should only be cleaned and brushed in the direction of its grain.
  • If you have stubborn oil stains on your jacket, baking soda can do the job for you. It is such a versatile cleaning agent. It easily absorbs dirt, grease and salt. Simply, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the stains and leave it for a while. Then brush it off gently.

Suede leather jackets are so stunning and luxurious in appearance but they you’re your attention. They need to be cared for their persistence and lifespan.            


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