Why Buying Best Leather Bomber Jacket Was A Good Step?

Why Buying Best Leather Bomber Jacket Was A Good Step?

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My Leather Bomber Jacket

So recently I bought a leather bomber jacket from shearling leather store. It has a long name but I cant seem to remember the whole name. I don't know if anyone of you are fan of fur jackets but this jacket also had fur. In the following lines I will share my personal experience of buying from them and every pros and cons will be put into light. I also have attached the photo-shoot of my product below.

So I am Sameer Bashir. 22 years old from Pakistan and I actually spent about $300 for a jacket! It is almost equal to Rs60000!!! But guess what? It was worth it. I ordered this leather bomber jacket on 20th of may 2022.

This is what i got. Amazing isn't it? But appearance isn't all. This brown bomber jacket has it's own unique military style and the patches make it different from ordinary jackets. I received it on 29th may as far as i can remember. I don't even know what to call it, shearling jacket, flying jacket or leather bomber jacket because it is a bit of everything. If you have a military background from United States Of America, you might want to have a go at this.

Now lets move to material and looks. I am no expert in this field but as far as i can remember, this brown bomber jacket is made of pure sheepskin leather. There are some patches related to military perhaps and some writing which I have absolutely no idea about but on the bright side it looks good anyways so why not? The cuffs and waist have  some sort of ribbon which makes it slim fit and the zipper used is YKK. As for warmth, this shearling jacket is spot on for winters.

Lets move to other features of this leather bomber jacket that I observed. Although the fur makes it shearling jacket but ironically it is light weight. You might have come across sheepskin jackets or aviator jacket with fur. Remember how bulky they are? Well with the same features, this jacket is not. It is comfortable to the fullest and hence my go-to one.

As i mentioned before, this leather bomber jacket is quite comfortable. It does not makes you feel trapped but at the same time, it provides the same amount of warmth and comfort as the bulky shearling jacket does. My opinion? Isn't is quite clear till now? Buy it man!

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