Brown Bomber Jacket, A timeless staple

Brown Bomber Jacket, A timeless staple

The brown bomber jacket is one of the most famous jacket that has been in both men's and women's wardrobe since decades. It is a timeless article which is not only famous for looks but the reality runs far deep than the surface. In this article we will discuss about the history, style and benefits of leather bomber jacket in brown color.

History of the Brown Bomber Jacket

The brown bomber jacket was need of the time in world war II. During this period the pilots needed something to keep them warm at high altitude to keep them functional. This need was fulfilled by a new style known as A2 Bomber Jacket. The current jacket in topic is just a descendant of a2 flight jacket with more design and features.

Features of the Brown Bomber Jacket

The brown bomber jacket is made of real leather in most cases which can withstand quite some impacts of nature and daily routines. This makes the leather jacket long lasting. Most of these styles feature zipper closures and ribbed cuffs and waist to prevent cold air from entering the body. As for pockets, there are a lot of different styles and counts for it.

How to Style the Brown Bomber Jacket

The Leather bomber jacket has a lot of features and designs to work with. This makes it easy to style since there are so many options to chose from. The jacket is quite flexible when it comes to styling it and can be turned into any outfit staple.

  1. Casual Look: combination of t shirt, brown bomber jacket and sneakers along with jeans can give you casual look.

  2. Dressy Look: Why not be more sleek and combine dress pant and shirt with button closure with leather bomber jacket? Don't forget to use dress shoes.

  •       3. Layered Look: One of most loved style when it comes to wearing a bomber jacket. Wear it over a warm sweater to get some warmth and different look.

  •       4. Monochromatic Look: It is all about matching your outfit color. So get pants of the same color as your leather bomber jacket in such cases.

    1. Statement Look: Now this is about making an impact and standing out. Get some accessories to fill up the empty space and pair your bomber jacket with shinny shirt.

    Final Thoughts

    The brown bomber jacket has always stood out in the bomber jacket family and has made impact from decades. Its features and flexibility has took it to new heights of demand while the versatile functions has made sure that it is not just  limited to any specific audience. People love it for the vast amount of options it brings with it and the durability it provides.

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