History of duster coats

History of duster coats

Duster coats trace their history back to late 1800s when they were created for cowboys to provide them the shield from elements and dust trails. The coat was long in length and its material was mostly rough canvas. It allowed the cowboys to carry their business on even in rain and difficult circumstances. The length typically was ankle touching while the garment was slit from its back and straps that were intended to hold the flap into its right place. The slit back facilitated easy movement of the rider even while riding the horse. Just for complete convenience of the wearer, the duster coat was loose fitted and traditionally, these coats were created in light colored canvas. It was obvious from the features of the coat that the outer garment was made especially for horsemen because all its properties were somehow related to provide assistance to rigid activities of cowboys. The classic duster coats were unique in their structure and purpose. The looks and courage of cowboys was always fascinated because of their skills and their distinguished appearance.

With passing time and increasing knowledge, duster coats were made from oilcloth to protect the wearer from dust. With further evolutions, waxed cotton was utilized to serve this function. After a few decades, it was noticed that duster coats were being created to create enchant. Complicated designs, intricate patterns, emblazoned patterns and embroidery was embellished on the coat. Moreover, affluent and luxurious fabric with opulent details were used for their composition. The appearance of the duster coat was always appealing. The cowboy structure is still admired for the reflection of the intrepid and dauntless purposes it once served. This coat in the 1920s was simply decorative and pretentious rather than realistically empirical.

This is how the duster coats prevailed over the fashion garments in the 1900s with little but noticeable modifications. Duster coats now are versatile coats considered winter wardrobe essential that provides protection from dust, rain as well as cold. Yes, cold. This addition of service stuns everyone but contemporary duster coats are composed of genuine leather based on the retro formula of duster coat to create a garment that is luxurious and multifaceted. The length in duster coats now varies. Fashion conscious individuals can opt for a duster coat in any length. The long refined surface of the leather duster coat emerges to be lush yet practical. The material makes sure that the wearer is protected from cold frosting winds while the structure of the coat maintains the sophistication.

The leather coat is an ideal pick to reflect one’s inner strength as the appearance is the first impression. The sturdy and unbreakable surface exhibits the strong and valorous personality, the nostalgic layout of the coat exhibits skills and proficiency. The discerned and rarefied surface makes sure that the outfit throws cultured vibes.

The duster coat with a thick layer of cowhide leather is also used by passionate bike riders to protect themselves from abrasions in case of any unfortunate crash. Duster coats having such sumptuous and deluxe features makes sure that it lasts longer than basic and ordinary winter items. Its promise of protecting you persists while all you have to do is to take care of its costly yet beneficial material, leather. The coats are used with their fronts open and they serve such suave outlooks. Duster coats for men and women have their distinctive layouts according to their physiques.

Check out the latest collection of duster coat in your most favorable hues that go exquisitely gaga with every outfit. Not just they suit the apparel underneath, it enhances the charm of the clothes worn under it. The flexible fashion trends allow these coats to be worn in any way. People with adventurous mindsets go for different looks to create their own trend and scope.              



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