How to clean shearling coat?

How to clean shearling coat?

 You must’ve heard about the timeless reputation of shearling leather coat that it lasts longer than ever if it’s taken care of appropriately. Shearling coat is one of the most expensive leather products that have gained an ever growing demand because it’s an epitome of richness and high status. They reflect the sophisticated art of dressing and sense of aesthetics of the wearer. They are an all-time luxurious item to carry and rock every look. Most of the people question its durability. Let us explain.

mens Shearling leather coats are obtained after long tiring processes of tanning animal skin. A pure leather coat consumes the skin of two to three animal’s skins. And this is what makes it ultra-luxury. Processed animal skin produces leather that is invulnerable to decomposition and rigid. Its toughness speaks for its durability. Now the question arises, how must be take care of the shearling coat?

This must be kept in mind that shearling leather has dirt resistant property, but to an extent. It still needs to be maintained and taken care of. It must be cleaned with a cleaned cloth after regular uses to remove loose dust and soil from the surface of the coat.  DO NOT RUB THE SUEDE SURFACE OF THE LEATHER. Frequent brushing obviates the risk of soil settling deeper into the surface of the shearling coat. The inner of the coat which is usually wool must be examined to look for any visible dust or soil and should be taken off using tweezers gently.

In case there is any oil stains on your shearling coat, first of all use a paper towel to soak up the surface oil. Then, you can use cornstarch or talcum powder in order to mop the oil out of the suede surface of the leather. Make sure you sprinkle the powder on the stain and leave it for some time, when you feel like the oil has been completely soaked up in the powder, brush the powder away. Repeat the process if there is any stain left.

In order to maintain the lining of the shearling coat, you can use warm water and wool wash solution. Just dip a white clean cloth in it and delicately wipe the dust away from the wooly surface.

There is another pro tip for you to nourish your leather shearling garment before wearing it. It is so crucial to get a no silicone water repellant spray when you buy leather garments. Just spray the liquid on the suede side of the leather shearling coat mens and brush it tenderly. Make sure you don’t rub it hard. And for the lining, just air dry the wooly surface of the coat to avoid any moisture and noisome feeling from the wool.  

We always suggest cleaning the spot or stain on the first place, even a mild detergent solution or shampoo can be used to remove the stains from the surface of the shearling coat. For better life time of the coat, avoid washing it.

But if you’ve decided to wash your leather garment, make sure you hand wash it in lukewarm mater in a large sink or bathtub. Submerge the shearling benevolently into the water and squeeze through the solution for a few minutes. Rinse the shearling in clean water after that and make sure you don’t wring the shearling, it damages its surface. Use towels to absorb excess water from the shearling coat. And place it on the drying rack make sure its original shape is maintained.

Do not heat the shearling in case of any wrinkles on the surface of the shearling leather. You can use a steamer from an obvious distance of about eight inches from the shearling coat.

Last but the most essential tip that everyone needs to know is that, you should cover your mens shearling leather coat with a cotton cloth properly if you don’t have any plans to wear it in any near future. This step is to avoid dust to settle on the surface of the coat. So following the above mentioned tips, your shearling coat can stay with you as long as you want. The more you want the coat to be in excellent condition, the more you need to take care of it.

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