A brief history of leather corset

A brief history of leather corset

Leather corsets have probably longer history than any other leather apparel. They were in way before proper leather jackets. Their use was pretty much the same as it is now. To maintain an hourglass shape, women used to wear a leather corset. After the Renaissance era, the current style came into being.

During the 16th century, they were used to get a stiff look by contracting the belly and making an hourglass shape of body. It was done by pushing the bust upwards. But In the 17th century, the corset were changed and whalebone or baleen as a structural element was used. This allowed for better shape and support.

The popularity of a leather corset grew in 18th century when it became a fashion statement in upper class society. They were made from high class leather and were stuffed with decoration such as embroidery and knuckles. This style was mainly for fashion as leather corsets provided very little in the way of practical support or shaping.

During the Victorian era, broad view of corsets changed a lot. They became a symbol of femininity. Though this apparel was still quite popular among elite class, the exposure was soon shifted to middle class women too. A leather corset started to be considered as necessary undergarment for better shape and support.

The early 20th century brought about a decline in leather corsets. Countless new fashion trends emerged and clothing became more relaxed. A steady decline occurred as a result. However the punk subculture of 1960s and 1970s gave a little boost to leather corsets. People started wearing them as a symbol of rebellion and power. Women who wanted to look in shape continued to wear them under their clothing.

To this day, a leather corset has stayed a popular item but the use has changed. Corsets are now referred to as part of costumes or erotic wear mostly. They have little use as undergarments. Women's corsets are made to different leather types in present day. The type can be sheepskin, lambskin or cowhide and many others.

The benefits of leather corsets are quite good. They are good for your back. It means they provide support for your back and your posture is improved. In addition to this the curve body shape is made which is liked by most of women.

In conclusion, the history if a leather corset is far greater and rich than other apparels. It originates from ancient times and goes through many ups and down in the span of centuries. Leather Corsets have still managed to survive in modern times. Leather corsets have a timeless appeal that continues to captivate and inspire.

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