A Ride To Remember

It was a Saturday morning and I am already late. "Get Up Sameer! You need to hit the road for a change", I said to myself. Packed my luggage, cleaned the Doritos on my table. Yes it is time to go finally. "Wait! what do I wear?", I thought. Saw the vintage leather cowboy vest hanging in wardrobe and..... why not? Lets hit the road since everything is in place.

Cool breeze hitting my face making my nose red. It almost feels like a new beginning to the old me. The trees around the pavement, the mountain peaks at a far distance covered in snow with an eagle flying above... "Is this what freedom look like? Maybe..." It is frigid but at least my chest is warm.

Upon reaching a settlement far north to Shigar Valley, I decided to rest before moving any further. I'll probably need a leather jacket above but not now. For the time being let my body be overjoyed with every emotion that is shivering down my spine. What is it? Happiness? sorrow? or am I simply overwhelmed? It's ironic, all this time sitting in office felt like running away and now that I am actually running away, I feel moored.

Anyways It's time to go to an eatery. "No no no no no why are there so many girls here?" Well never mind, I decided to mind my own business and leave the second I am done with eating. Well everything goes according to plan until..... well it doesn't! A girl comes straight my table and says I like your outfit and before I know it she leaves with a smirk. Looking at myself I'm wearing jeans, a sweatshirt with a leather vest above it.

My unsocial mind is almost at the verge of collapse with nothing else in it except for "why?" Was she making fun of me or she was saying truth? She must be making fund of my outfit. This has to be it. "Damn it! I should have worn a shearling jacket instead." What's done is done let's move on to wherever the road takes me.

Moving out from the in I saw girls smiling at me and I am embarrassed. "Enough is enough!".... why are you smiling at me is it because of how I look or what i am wearing?" Their smile turned into a state of shock. "What did I do oh my God!"...

"You  are not from around here are you mister? if you were you'd know the tradition here. Your vintage cowboy jacket is looking cool but you don't really deserve any compliment do you?" And before I could say anything they walked off. Turns out it was a tradition to smile at people you are interested in. So much for being an anti social freak. "Even this freedom is deluded? I travel to the last corner of earth and find trouble here too?" Well I guess not everything goes according to your plan.

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