Nowadays, shearling or sheepskin products are taking over the clothing industry at an immense speed. A sheepskin coat or shearling coat in other terms is well known for the comfort and warmth it provides. A sheepskin coat is made up of a suede surface on the outer side and fur on the inner, which allows you to remain cozy and warm even on chilly evenings. Not only they are a great investment because their trend isn't going to settle down any time soon but they also look chic to wear. Having one in your wardrobe means you have got a handful of options to put together your outfits. But as good as they look, they can also catch dirt very easily. So the purpose of this blog is to explain how to clean one.




  • If your sheepskin coat gets wet in rain or snow, just shake off the excess water, hang it on a hanger, and let it air dry at normal temperature.
  • If there is a liquid dirt stain on the sheepskin coat, then clean it as soon as possible by hand blotting it with a wet cloth or a towel.
  • If there is a speck of dirt or lint you spot on your sheepskin coat, then you can pick it up with the help of tweezers. You can also use a soft brush to clean it out.
  • But if it gets extremely dirty then you can wash the sheepskin coat at home. Take cold or lukewarm water in a tub, use a mild detergent or liquid wash, and gently rub it with your hands.
  • If you are washing it in a washing machine, then make sure to wash it separately. Do not use bleach for cleaning as it might damage the fur of the sheepskin sheaarling jacket. After doing so air dry it.  

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