How to Make a Leather Corset

How to Make a Leather Corset

Leather Corset is quite sought by women of different age for different purposes. This piece of apparel can be worn as individual or under the clothing to make your body look more in shape. Leather corsets are also used as erotic wear. But how do we make a leather corset? Here is a step by step instruction about this apparel is made.

Step 1: Creating a pattern in the first step toward manufacturing a leather corset. Firstly you have to determine if you want an over bust corset or under bust corset. Measure you waist and bust after making up your mind and make a pattern on a  cardboard according to these measurements.

Step 2: Now cut out this pattern and mark it on a soft piece of leather. Use scissors to cut out leather of same shape and make sure to cut the inner lining material too.

Step 3: Now third step revolves around sewing all the pieces together. Seam the front and back to the side panels and then add Boning to the borders.

Step 5: Add Grommets to the back of the corset. These are important to save leather from damaging while tightening the laces.  Make sure you do not damage the leather in any way while adding them.

Step 6: Now add laces through Grommets. Laces play an important role in fitting since it is quite difficult to manufacture a leather corset that has perfect fitting.

Step 8: Final step is to do the finishing of this product. Cut any unwanted threads and clean the leather properly. Look for any defect and clear it if found. Lastly you can polish the leather to give it more clean and shinny look.

Manufacturing  leather corset is quite long and difficult process but the output is worth the time and hard work. This apparel is a unique output of your work and can be worn in different occasion and can be styled differently. A leather corset for women is a perfect staple for your wardrobe.

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