How to style a red leather jacket?

How to style a red leather jacket?

When we hear of the color red, we picture something that’s vibrant and lively. Basically red represents encouragement, excitement, colorfulness, love, happiness and all of above light. A genuine leather jacket that represents toughness and invulnerability in this vivid and dazzling color red would be like icing on the  cake, addition of enchant and supremacy would be a fantastic and ideal item to be picked. And grabbing an absolutely quintessential red leather jacket would be the one of the supreme step that you can take to upgrade your fashion sense. Designer leather jacket in glittering colors not only reflect the ambitious personality but it also exhibits the sense of sophistication and appreciation of colors. People assume that red is just limited to funkiness and bold glamour but it is such a civilized color that settles smoothly especially in clothes. This color is a perfect element to add flare in your clothing. Intrepid people who are fashion conscious as well as full of vision can create bold looks in this color where as people who want to keep it   balanced, particularly introverts can choose red leather jacket too!

  • First and the foremost tips to style a leather jacket is that, ALWAYS get a real leather jacket, more specifically if you really want to create a fashion statement, go for a genuine red leather jacket that is high in standards because the quality speaks for itself.
  • Pair a red leather jacket with trousers and pants in dark and deep colors. Do not pair two bright and sparkling colors together, such as red and yellow, this would steal away the highlight of the whole outfit and you may end up looking like traffic light. Go for lighter colors with a low influence on your outfit.
  • Try all white under a red leather jacket in day light at least once. The whole focus of your garments would be flashing at your dazzling red jacket and the rest of the job is done by the high quality surface of the leather. You can pair the latest wide leg jeans with white old school shoes along with a white sweater or a tee.
  • All black under a red leather jacket is such a brilliant and ideal dressing idea. When nothing else helps, black is always holding your back. Go for black casual sneakers, black jeans and a black shirt or sweater according to the climate. For extra toppings, add accessories such as chains and watch. Avoid wearing black on a sunny day, your look appears to be dark.  Wear a black cap for charm elevation. For women, applying a red lipstick would definitely hype your look up.
  • As for work wear, use your casual denim jeans and keep your look simple for work, thus the addition of red would not create a bold look.
  • If you desire to create a look that is trendy, keep in mind that front closed jackets may look a little bundled up. So flaunt your Custom leather jacket with its front open.
  • On very hot sunny days, beware of the fact that since ozone layer is disappearing, the ultraviolet sunrays can directly approach the earth. So the surface color the red leather jacket may also fade away as this is not the natural color of the jacket. Red is definitely a dyed color on the leather jacket.
  • Your custom leather jacket is shiny polished or matt, it always needs nourishment and conditioning. Do clean your jacket with a clean and dry towel or cloth after regular use. And after longer periods of time, use a high quality leather cleaning liquid spray for the maintenance of your red leather jacket. These steps will increase the lifetime of your jacket beyond any doubt. In case you plan not to wear your jacket for longer period of time, cover it properly to protect it from dust. Leather jackets are waterproof but still try to avoid pouring water on jacket. Do not fold the jacket too tightly that it may get wrinkles on its surface.
  • If you’re keener in creating different fashion trends, go for non-traditional styles of carrying your vibrant red jacket on. Red is a versatile color and leather is a versatile material, they both as a combination can certainly rock different looks.

So seize a red leather jacket in winter staples wardrobe for bringing a change in your usual dressing routine.

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