Motorcycle Riding Leather Jackets

Motorcycle Riding Leather Jackets

Harley Davidson Leather Jackets

harley davidson jackets, also referred to as Motorcycle jackets, especially designed to protect the bikers from all kinds of harms in case of a crash. Leather is the finest fabric for motorcycle jackets because it has abrasion resistance properties. And this property allows it to diminish the cuts and wounds you may bear in event of a mishap. So we can conclude that Harley Davidson jackets are constructed on the whole for the safety purposes. The rugged texture of this jacket is built up with the use of premier top grain leather. The wrinkles, crease and the grain line marks on the jacket are the affirmation of the authentic top grain leather. The armored protection of this outerwear makes it important for the cruisers. The jacket is made with 1.2-1.3 mm stocky and extraordinarily tear resistant leather. Other than that, unattackable threading is utilized and all panels are sewed and stitched multiple times to assure the safety in case of an alarming situation, this also ensures the durability of the product. The harley davidson motorcycle jackets doesn’t tear off from edges and fittings. The connecting zipper at the back helps the wearer to attach the trousers with the jacket.

Now the question arises that what differentiates the Harley Davidson leather jacket from a leather bomber jacket. Basically, leather bomber jacket is a fashion jacket whereas a harley davidson jackets are safety jackets specially designed for the precautions of a crash. Bomber jackets are usually big in size and they have styles like fur extra pockets extra zippers and hoods to make it look chic but Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets are waist length and tight, and they ought to be. As the Harley Davidson Jackets has protector in the inner side of the jacket, a tight fitted jacket makes sure that protectors stay in place during a crash. Tear resistant leather prevents the ground to touch the body of the wearer and saves them from wounds, burns and cuts. The most important and satisfying feature about these safety jackets is the padding at high impact body parts such as shoulders, elbows and wrists. A study from a research found that high quality motorcycle jackets such as Harley Davidson  jackets lessen the threat of injuries on the upper body 63%. It saves from the wounds and injuries of high impacted areas. Interesting fact about the safety harley davidson leather jacket is that, they do not expire and they last as long as they are taken care of.    

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