What is a duster coat?

What is a duster coat?

Duster coats are timeless wardrobe staple. And this year, they emerged as even more versatile outer wear garments. Originally, these coats were designed for horsemen in order to protect their apparel from trail dust and they were named after their major function as “duster coat” but this marvelous outer wear has made its track towards the fashion market as a voguish and trendy coat.

In the past when it was only used by horsemen, the duster coat was only obtainable in light colors of canvas or linen. A duster coat is not supposed to be feet touching long but it must be at least below the knees. The coat is slit from its back from the bottom to the hip for restful movements of riders. Another distinctive of the coat includes a recognizable flap of the shoulders of the duster coat to provide extra protection from wind and moist.

In conclusion, the duster coat is a loose fitted coat that is designed to protect the wearer from elements. The coat is quite similar to a leather trench coat and most of people confuse a trench coat with a duster coat. But they have different histories. Trench coat is originated from world war from the military men while the other one was firstly designed for horsemen. A trench coat is tailored for a snugged fitting while a duster coat is a loose fitted coat.

Duster coats never seem to leave the trend and scope of fashion. They are expected to never go out of style. So a leather duster coat is a superior choice for anyone who loves leather garments. This long coat offers full body protection. Along with that, the coat is fairly effortless to maintain. A duster coat made up of genuine leather serves as a garments that resists wear and tear. These are all the practical characteristics that have made this outstanding piece of apparel popular.

Bikers love to adorn this master piece for obvious reasons. The coat offers protection from dust and elements and bikers need it. The coat has a slit on its back that makes it easier for them to get on their bike. The coat facilitates the wearers and this is why it is keenly admired.

A duster coat mens is perfect for those who want an outerwear for chic looks. This long coat serves voguish appearances. The coat can be styled in different and trendy ways to obtain suave looks. A duster coat can be used to attain sophisticated emergence. The charm of this leather apparel enhances the appeal of the clothes worn under the coat. This makes the coat a favorite outerwear of its enthusiasts.

The adherents of this ultimately classy garment have a pragmatic decision making skills and a practical mindset. A duster coat has all the features that are functional and highly beneficial to the wearer. A leather material can be your eternal friend as it goes decades with you. A premium quality leather duster coat facilitates you with resistant characteristics that offer you a long term utile. The jacket has an unbreakable surface that looks tough and resilient. The brawny surface of this coat allows it to be used for over years. This makes the coat a durable and exceedingly reliable outer wear.

The duster coat mens obviously obviates the risk of dust settling down in the surface of the coat and this is why the coat is said to be easy to maintain. The lifetime of a duster coat depends up on how it was cared for.

We invite you to try a sophisticated leather duster coat to exhibit your superior sense of aesthetics and choice.  




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