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Kawasaki Leather Jacket

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Kawasaki is an renown automobile company which specializes in motorbikes. The Kawasaki racing Jacket is one grain of their dessert. It has been popular among the motorbike lovers for its functions that are rarely found in any other leather jacket.

Material and Design

Kawasaki Jacket is made from cowhide leather which is thick and a bit harder as compared to goatskin or sheepskin leather. The thick leather provides more protection in case of an accident. The leather does not wears away easily and is considered one of most durable one. The inner feel of leather jacket is not so hard. On the contrary is is soft and comfortable.

One of many exceptional feature of this jacket is the steamed design. The design is specially made for pro motorbike riders, who often ride at high speed. The design features v-shape model which minimizes air resistance. Other features are zipper closure protected by external layer of leather above it, stand up collar which can be tightened to stop air from going inside the jacket.

Two of the most famous designs introduced by Kawasaki are the Kawasaki Monster Energy Leather Jacket and  Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Jacket.

Protection and Storage

Kawasaki Racing Jacket features two outside pocket with closure too. You can save your belongings in these spacious pockets. Now your mobile, wallet or keys are safe and sound in these pockets. As for the protection to your body, Kawasaki has not forsaken it. The jacket comes with removable shoulder and elbow protectors. In addition to this, the back protection and hump play a vital role in safety.

Kawasaki Jackets come in limited color additions. The most basic and famous colors are green, black and grey. The popularity of these colors is touching sky and the company mostly revolves around these handful colors.


To conclude, we can say that a Kawasaki Leather Jacket is must have staple in wardrobes of those who love riding motorbikes. If you are concerned about your safety and are a pro motorbike rider, Kawasaki jacket is made especially for you.