Best Guide To Men's Leather Shirt

Best Guide To Men's Leather Shirt

When someone talks about leather outerwear, you are 90% bound to think of something like a leather jacket, specifically, leather bomber jacket and rightly so. Since these leather apparel have been around us from quite some ages and are famous for their spark, no other garment would come to mind. However things are taking a drastic turn in recent time.

In modern age, when the fashion era has been redefined, lightweight leather shirts are making their way through to the top. Make no mistake, though a leather shirt and a leather jacket may seem the same at first glance, they are entirely different from one another.

Difference between Leather Shirt and Leather Jacket

To put it simply, one of them is treated purely as outerwear. In other words one of them is usually the most outer part of your clothing. Any guesses yet? Yes! we are talking about leather jackets. While on the other hand a mens leather shirt can be directly worn on your body or it can be treated as an over shirt. Leather shirts are manufactured using pure leather but the type of leather can be different for each article or depending on demand. The type of shirt can also be different from one another since there are multiple styles out there in market. For example, there are half sleeves leather shirt, leather t-shirts and so on.

How to style a leather shirt

Style for each individual is different but in this guide we will talk about the general good styling ways. First you have to decide if you want to use your mens leather shirts as outerwear or use it casually directly. If you don't want any outerwear style a leather t-shirt might be a good choice for you. You can either style it with jeans or you can move one step ahead and use leather pants. Colors matter too. For example a dull color will go good with a vibrant one.

On the other hand you can use it as an over shirt. Wear it over a regular t shirt and keep your zipper or button open. For this type of style, denim jeans seem to be far better choice.

The third one and one of best style is to wear it under a leather jacket. As mentioned before dull colors go good with vibrant ones. If your shirt is shinny, wear a suede leather jacket with it. The best shirts in such cases should be the ones without closure (t-shirts)

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