How to clean a leather bomber jacket

How to clean a leather bomber jacket

What is the most loved quality of leather bomber jacket is their popularity that always remains on the fashion trends. Leather is such a classic and genuine material for a bomber jacket to be exquisite and long lasting. The silhouette of the leather jacket persists for a long period of time if it’s taken care of properly.  This is why these classic leather jackets never lose their practicality. What makes the jacket last forever? Their resilient surface that is fabricated of real leather which is invulnerable to usual harm. For better performance and longevity, the jacket must be supervised and cleaned after regular uses. How to clean a leather bomber jacket?

  • As soon as you carry the leather bomber jacket, you reflect your art of dressing up which creates definite fashionable traditional statements. The jacket exhibits its own ruggedness and machismo. In order to preserve its flawlessness, the garment must be cleaned with a leather protectant spray which is crucial for a leather garment for protecting it from rain and dust particles to settle on the surface.
  • Before using the spray, always spot test first to ensure that the spray does not cause any harm or discoloration. Pick a point on the leather jacket that is not visible like underarm or lapel. Read the applying directions properly and then apply the spray accordingly.
  • If your mens bomber jacket gets stains or spills, look for a care tag from the lining of the jacket for instructions. If it’s a suede surfaced jacket, we suggest a dry clean under professional hands. In order to remove ink stains from a smooth leather surface using a cloth damped in isopropyl Be gentle with your garment, do not scrub the surface too hard that it may get damaged or faded.
  • For just removing the dust and dirt without washing the leather bomber jacket, you can use a soft brush that cannot be any harmful to the bomber jacket to brush away the dust particles gently and carefully.
  • For cleaning the jacket after a regular use to obviate the dust and dirt from the surface of the jacket, prepare a soap and water or a shampoo solution. Make sure you are using a clean cloth and do not rub it too hard.
  • You also have the option to use pretreated leather wipes to clean the surface of the jacket properly.
  • As soon as you clean the leather jacket the way you want, hang it on a hanger in a space with appropriate ventilation and allow it to dry.
  • Do not hang your jacket in direct sunlight because of the fact that direct UV rays can cause discoloration in the leather.
  • Let your leather garment dry naturally, do not use a dryer to dry it quickly. Leather is a sensitive material, it gets defaced by heating to too much.
  • Experts suggest that it is important to know that a mens bomber jacket must be cleaned when required. Unnecessary cleaning and exposure to water may also damage it.
  • Newest leather jackets are being manufactured and generated comparatively smoother and softer along with being thin. They already have dirt resistant qualities and their maintenance is restful. Just use a clean and dry cloth to remove dust from the surface.
  • A layer of leather conditioner on aged leather bomber jackets enhance its softness and obviates the risk of its surface to crack or getting wrinkles that break down.
  • Make sure you do not throw your jacket in washing machine and completely ruin it. Avoid putting it in water too much. Try to clean the spots to maintain its eternal leather. If you really desire to get your leather bomber jacket washed, get it washed from a professional leather cleaner or specialist.

Same goes for shearling coat.


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