B3 bomber jacket

B3 bomber jacket

B3 is another product of pilot jacket family. The garment is composed of a fusion of sheepskin and sheep fur. The warm and thick layer of sheepskin leather is utilized to form a refined leather surface and its inner lining consists of an insulating layer of sheep fur incorporated in the inner side of the garment. The B3 bomber jacket was introduced for providing service to the pilots who were to fly at high altitudes, low temperatures and exposed cockpits. The thick layer of sheep skin and fur were to ensure a comforting sympathetic effect for the wearer while the outer surface incorporated a thick layer of leather that was sturdy and resilient.

B3 bomber jacket was a garment that provided complete insulation. Its inner fur was functional as it trapped heat inside while the rigid layer of leather made sure that there was no contact between frosting winds and the pilot directly. Although having thick layer of strong material, the jacket remained lightweight.  Generally the structure of the B3 leather bomber jacket is not observed to be fit. It was designed to be baggy. Unlike other flight jackets, bomber jackets did not have knit wristlets and waistbands. Instead the garment consisted of waistband and cuffs with thick fur. Some came with adjustable buckles while some did not. B3 features front zipper fastening and the jacket had a military vibe that no other garment could attain. The iconic wide fur collars of the jacket were popular for their warm and pleasing effect to maintain insulation from all sides. The leather jacket had every advanced feature required to make an apparel pleasant for aircraft bombers.

This sheepskin leather jacket has a unique advent and the addition of fur on it makes it an affluent garment. B3 bomber jacket is brought to fashion for its voguish features and fearless reflection. It was highly fascinated by people at that time as well but now it has been introduced as a casual outerwear that is at everyone’s reach. Contemporarily, the jacket is seen to be trending for its groovy cuts and bold structure. The layout of the apparel helps the wearer gain a thick curvy touch in their look. It is keenly admired because of its baggy advent that is also in scope. The thick and sympathetic effect of the leather and fur altogether keeps them at rest. The advanced cuts and supervised stitching of the jacket aims at attaining wearer’s comfort. The restful movements of the wearers prove that the jacket is tailored under expertized hands. These factors emphasize the quality aspect of modern B3 jackets.

The winter wardrobe essential is not only demanded by fashion conscious men but also by women. The luxury advent and opulent features enhance its grace and the jacket is contemplated as a lush apparel. Other than that, bombers can be paired conveniently with any outfit and still look sagacious. This is another specialty of the leather products that they have the ability to boost the appeal of the clothes adorned underneath them.

Leather obsession has inclined since winter is coming closer. People are all ready to make smart investments on functional outer wears. Those who wear the B3 bomber jacket for its comfort adhere to it for its homely effect that keeps hugging them warmly. While those who stick to it for its charming emergence are falling in love with the number of different looks that they can create using a single yet versatile jacket.

Grab your favorite hues in B3 jacket and get ready to rock the season with unmatched style. Your confidence will be your identity while your looks will be your possession.               



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