G1 bomber jacket

G1 bomber jacket

Bomber type G1 is recognized as an affluent outerwear for naval aviators. The garment was brought to use for WWII when it was contemplated as a symbol of pride and rank. Leather was the only reliable pick for aviators for their protection in tough weathers. It was always chosen for them so that aviators could pay heed to their challenging duty instead of the harsh weather. Its warmth and durability earned it the reputation of having premium quality and functional structure. The luxurious standard of leather makes such garments lavish. The g1 bomber jacket was confined to elite flyers. The flight jacket features a fur lined collar and this characteristic has become its identity. Excellent quality zipper closure with spacy pockets that are warm and soft enough to please the wearer. The knitted cuffs and waistband help complete insulation inside the jacket and these G1 flight jackets are typically composed of thick layer of goatskin to provide exemplary comfort. The inner nylon layer of the jacket traps heat while the genuine leather allows breathability to avoid irritation and sweating due to overheating.

An inside map pocket was incorporated in classic pilot jacket, an inside storm flap and it was designed for convenient movements of the wearer. The iconic look of the jacket was appealing and bold due to its fitted layout.

Contemporarily, g1 bomber jacket are being used as winter wardrobe essentials. The outclass jackets were highly fashionable and they settled in the fashion industry quite easily. Today’s fashion conscious youngsters look for outer wears that make them look audacious and adventurous. They are obsessed with creating something new and retaining old designs. This jacket is a perfect example of nostalgic structure and modern cuts. The jacket holds its retro look while its features are replaced by advanced characteristics. Now high quality zippers are attached and fake storm flaps are incorporated to make sure that the iconic style is followed.

This sumptuous apparel that once was uniform piece of US Navy is now adhered to, for its military reflection. The jacket always pertains its dauntless vibe that appears to be fearless. Adorning this garment, the shoulders of the wearer are elevated due to its fit cut. The sturdy flight jacket surface is resilient and damage resistant. This Uplifts the trust of the wearer on his garment and their self-belief is boosted. The courageous look of the jacket helps wearer attain a valorous attitude. The fur lined collar and rigid material protects you from elements and its charming advent makes you look up to date.

G1 military jacket is an ideal choice for those who search for a new but proven style for them this year. The jacket will definitely provide them with more than they’re looking for. The simple but versatile material makes everyone fall in love with it. The garment composed of genuine leather lasts longer than their expectation and its features altogether have created such an ageless trend that it doesn’t seem to leave the scope in any near future. Bomber family ensembles are being admired for their cool casual emergences. 

Grab your favorite leather g1 bomber jacket in your favorite colors to create unique looks with an enhanced personality. The jacket is definitely a smart investment that can benefit you for over a decade. It is a must have in wardrobe for every individual who wants a complete package of comfort and chic looks. You won’t regret purchasing this. In fact, you’ll get obsessed with its smartly tailored cuts. Get ready to become a keen admirer of G1 bomber jacket.                        

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