How to clean a shearling coat

Shearling coat is a reflection of affluence and sophistication. The coat is profoundly adored for its amazingly functional features and classy looks. Fashion conscious people are so keen to carry it frequently because it can be styled easily with anything and still looks perfectly exquisite. The coat possesses immaculate surface either it is suede or polished. But this rich outerwear requires high maintenance. For those who use it most often are supposed to care for it properly to make it look refreshing and refined. Following are a few DOs and DON’Ts that how a shearling leather garment can be taken care of so it retains its unblemished emergence.

  • It is always recommended to get your expensive coat dry cleaned professionally in order to avoid any risk of damaging the fabric. Keep in mind that most of the improper care for the leather coats is done while cleaning it. So be very careful for your garment. Any carelessness may cause damage to your beloved coat.
  • Never put your coat composed of sheepskin leather directly into washing machine or a dryer. Just one visit to the dryer can make the coat useless.
  • If the coat has got oil or dirt stains on it. Use a clean piece of cloth damped in water to clean it. If it doesn’t, a paste of water and baking soda can do the job. Baking soda is known for its absorption properties. Just use baking soda over the dirt mark and leave it for a while.
  • For regular cleaning of your suede surfaced jacket, keep a soft brush to brush away the dust and dirt away from the surface of the coat. This step is crucial for obviating the chance of dust settling on the surface of the coat. Be gentle while brushing the coat. Make sure it doesn’t affect its subtle look.
  • In case you feel that the coat looks tainted, you need to damp it in a spacy tub cool water in it. Use mild shampoo to clean the surface and make sure you’re handling the coat with great care. Be lenient and do not soak through the suede. Carefully rinse the coat and use a towel to tenderly gather the excessive water.
  • After cleaning the jacket, air dry your coat in a spacy ventilated room where it cannot catch dust particles. Hand the coat properly on a hangar. Never drape your classy coat over a door knob or any other sharp point.
  • The coat must be kept away from its long and direct contact with sunlight. The UV rays of the sunlight can bleach out the coat as it is artificially dyed.
  • Make sure that the leather coat is out of the reach of any high heat or flame sources. High heat can damage the leather and this is why it is suggested to wash the coat in cool water.
  • In case you plan not to carry your leather coat anymore because of changes in weather, clean it and cover it with a cloth to keep it away from direct dust. Plastic bags are not recommended to cover the coat as they are not breathable.   

Your shearling leather coat is indeed a smart investment as it is called an ageless trend and eternal friend. When the coat is taken care of properly, it can last up to decades as your favorite winter essential garment. The versatile leather sheepskin coat is a multifaceted garment that serves suave looks and ultimate warmth. The cozy effect of the coat feels like a blanket and this makes the coat a superior insulating material.  

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