How to style Corduroy Jacket?

How to style a Corduroy Jacket?

Corduroy Jackets are a brilliant addition to men's wardrobe in every sense. With their distinctive features and rigid texture, they add a lot of class to your fashion. Despite being new to clothing industry, these jackets have found a comfort place therein. Styling a corduroy jacket sometimes can be tricky hence you need to be very careful. It is all about maintaining a balance between casual and formal look.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can wear a corduroy jacket and not overdo it. The following are some point or tips about styling it in your daily life.


  1. Choose the right color: These jackets come in a huge range of colors unlike leather jackets. This does gives options but this can be tricky too. If you chose the wrong color, your whole look can go down. While choosing the color of a corduroy jacket, it is important to keep your end goal in mind. You can also choose the colors which suit your personality. Some of the most famous ones are Men's Brown Corduroy Trucker Jacket, Dark Blue Corduroy Jacket for Men and Men's Maroon Bomber Corduroy Jacket.

  2. Pair with the right pants: Pairing them with pants is a great initiative. They especially go well with jeans but be free to try something innovative. You can dress your corduroy jacket with leather pants or shorts too. I t all depends on your overall feel.

  3. Accessorize with a scarf: This simple accessory can add wonders to your overall outfit. For example you can use a shocking scarf with your dull corduroy jacket to maintain a balance. Such small steps can have big impacts on your personality.

  4. Layer up: This style is like a trademark of corduroy jackets. Since these jackets are also used as over shirts, it is easy to get layered style. In winters, this come handy since you can add layers of sweaters or shirts under the jacket to keep yourself warm.

  5. Add some texture:These jackets are full of textures but adding more texture can not possibly hurt. For example, pairing it with texture of a sweater can be a mind blowing thing. So why don't you try and tell us about this look?

  6. Mix and match: As mentioned earlier, choosing the right color is important but matching the outfit is important too. You can match the rest of your outfit with corduroy jacket or you can make a match. This way you will follow a harmonic theme, which are pleasant to eyes.

  7. Choose the right shoes: Do not forget about footwear. This a make or break scenario. No matter how well you dress up, if your footwear is not up to the mark, your dressing will go from a ten to zero. For casual look, use sneakers while use dress shows for formal look.


In summary we can say that corduroy jacket can be styled in dozen and dozen of ways and some of them are discussed in this blog. Your wardrobe can never be a ten if these jackets are not in  it. Especially if you prefer comfort, you might want to buy one ASAP.

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