Leather Puffer Jacket

Leather Puffer Jacket

Leather puffer jackets are common nowadays but they weren't so common some years back. They are an innovation of simple puffer jackets. Puffers were combined with the outer layer of leather hence leather puffer jackets were born. They have many names. E.g Leather V Bomber Jacket and bubble jacket and so on. In this blog we will discus in detail what leather Puffer jackets are, what are their benefits and how can we style a leather puffer jacket.

What is a Leather Puffer Jacket?

A Leather puffer jacket is quite similar to puffer jacket. The only difference is the outer layer. In this case the exterior of jacket is made of leather. The inside filling is synthetic and the combination of both these material provides light weight apparel yet it is quite warm which can withstand freezing temperature.

Benefits of a Leather Puffer Jacket

These are the following advantages of owning a leather puffer jacket:

  1. Warmth: The combination of leather and synthetic is a perfect joy for users to attain warmth. The leather prevents from cold air while the synthetic filling is the main source to keep warmth of body trapped inside.

  2. Durability: Since Leather is the main material on the outside of these jackets, it will not be wrong to say that these puffer jackets are durable and can last up to 10-15 years straight.

  3. Style: The combination of puffer and leather creates a unique style which suits everyone at every event.

  1. Versatility: These jackets can be styled up or down. Since this type of apparel is quite flexible, they can be styled with any other clothing.

How to Style a Leather Puffer Jacket

A leather puffer jacket can be styled in the following ways:

  1. Casual Look: Style your v bomber jacket with a simple t shirt and jeans along with comfortable sneakers.

  2. Dressy Look:ย  leather puffer jacket can be paired with dress pants or a skirt. Add some heels or dress shoes to complete the dressy look.

  1. Layered Look: This look can be achieved by wearing the puffer jacket above a sweat shirt or sweater. Not only is this look warm but quite in demand too.

  2. Monochromatic Look: Wear.the leather puffer jacket with matching dress or shirt and pants. This gives a sense of boldness to the attire.

Final Thoughts: Leather jackets are in demand it is no secret but a leather puffer jacket is stylish attire that is practical and flexible too. It is durable and easy to manage. This outerwear can be styled in different ways and has benefit beyond count. The best part is that it is light weight and warm at the same time so a feeling of comfort is always there.

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