It all started in 1950s when whole world started looking at shearling jackets but we thought to ourselves, is this where we stop? Is this where put an end to innovation? No! Here at Shearling Leather Store, we decided to to make something even more peculiar. This is where our Shearling Coats came in. We take our Shearling as a cozy gateway to relaxation and a step taken forward.

The most mesmerizing picture of the shearling coat is, tragically, not its best ad. Just Fools and Horses' Del Boy has established for the vast majority the connection between the dependable sheepskin and market exchanging, a wide soft collar for the wide kid. On the off chance that not him, the sheepskin was for a long time a staple of football directors shouting from the sidelines during chilly winter apparatuses, or of John Motson, a little cozier in his editorial box.


So What exactly is it?

Shearling is a material well known for the comfort it provides. Nowadays, these products are taking over the clothing industry at an immense speed. They aren't only known for the warmth but the style too. One of the shearling inventions we would be talking about today is the shearling coat, having one in your wardrobe means you have a handful of options to style yourself according to each occasion.

A shearling coat is made up of suede surface on the outer side and fur on the inner, which allows you to remain cozy and warm even in the chilly evenings. Not only they are a great investment because their trend isn't going to settle down any time soon but they also look chic to wear. Style them in a good manner anyway you like and you are good to go.



Now the question arises how to style one. Well there are various ways according to the demand of the situation but some ideas can be as follows:

If you want to go for a casual walk on a winter evening, style your shearling leather coat with a scarf or select your outfit which matches the tone of your coat. If you have to be a part of a gathering, then select a coat of any color. You can pair it with a simple white T, skinny or ripped jeans, or a pair of sneakers and it will make you stand out.

One of the pros of men's shearling coats is they never go out of style. You can wear them with boots, shirts, pants, anything but it will still give you a nice look.

However, avoid wearing them on rainy days as the suede surface being hydrophilic (non-water resistant) will attract the water. Due to this reason, the tan or dye will run out. Once, the water dries it will leave some stains or the material can also shrink.


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